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Tips: Searching for Acer gr] or Acer gr* will return Acer griseum, Acer grosseri etc. and all synonyms associated with this name. If you search by common name you might retrieve few, or even no records because specimen labels often lack common names, resulting in database records with that field left unpopulated.

To see a full-page version of the displayed image, right-click on image and select “view image” (Firefox) or “open image in new tab” (Chrome). If you click on the image with the magnifiying glass that appears, it will return to full size. Or, simply use the ctrl- key combination (control and minus sign) to sequentially reduce an image to a smaller size. Conversely, you can re-enlarge the image using ctrl+ key combination (control and the plus sign). Internet Explorer also works using the ctrl- and crtl+ commands.

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